Building the Future

Nordic Elegance

Have you been looking for clarity on how branding should be implemented in your company?
Would you like to have effective methods of marketing in place of big promises?
Do you want to make your vision clearer with your product or service?
Light comes from the North. Do you want to know how we could multiply your sales?

About Nordic Visions Ltd

We are a team of media and marketing understanders who have a multidimensional experience in brand building and in making communication truly genuinely customer-oriented. Although the number of folks means, we know more then Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin-marketing or SEO and SEM. We do not present unrealistic sales forecasts, but we base our assessment on real numbers.
We are clear about what is possible and what it costs.

We are a supporter and a pilot, whether it is application development, making websites or launching a new service. Our work begins with a glimpse of the vision from a workshop, on the basis of which we create brand manuals and an annual marketing watch. Finally, we help with everyday life with Trello.

We demand customer commitment to a process that is not a sprint but a marathon. The results come from working smoothly and responding to the needs of the end customer.

Grab some coffee with us

We will map your situation for free and give you advice on how your business could get better results in marketing.

Vision Clearance Workshop

Vision Brightening at the Workshop will create a map of the company’s brand. With this map, we will be heading towards measurable results in marketing.

Update your communication toolset

Everything begins with the checklist how we can improve inner and outer communcation and organize all the marketing related things better

Quality meets spirit

Northern Design

Here you will find desginers, graphic artists, application makers, sellers and, if necessary, funding for all this. You can get a turn key solution. from us and focus on the essentials. We prefer to use monthly-based service models so that we can also best commit to long-term results.

Let’s Build Something

We are ready for open discussion when you want to take nordic view for your business.

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